Fully automatic Rusk line

Fully automatic Rusk line

Expansion, higher capacity and Renewing of the line partly
Type: used line partially renewed

The line produces fully automatically up to 4000 white bread loafs, from which rusk is cut and roasted. Due to quality problems and the request for a increase of the efficiency the line has been renovated or rather enlarged extensively.

Line consisting of:

1     Expansion of the final proofer (in the overhead part) by about 8 meters

2     Rebuilt of the outlet of the final proofer with new waving transport

3     New conveyer belts with corner converter to the oven loader

4     New mesh belt oven type Beta NBO 3x36 m

4.1  New convever belt after oven uploader

4.2  New unlider

4.3  New depanner

4.4  New lid belt to lidder

5     New bread conveyer with manual take away

5.1  New tin conveyer to bread loading station

Capacity of the line:

-   4.000 pieces/hour white bread loafs with 480 grams