The company Beta GmbH Bakery Engineering

Setting up of the company

The Beta Bakery Engineering was established in November 2000. Already in the beginning the customers reacted with numerous orders to the Beta Bakery Engineering. Meanwhile the Beta Bakery Engineering is a renowned company on the market of the industrial bakery technology with a large clientele - the most as regular customers for complex formulations and systems engineering.

Have been predominantly carried out top technical adjustments and extensive overhauls as well as capacity-enhancing work on production lines, the portfolio of the company has grown to a delivery of complete systems.



The company founders Andrew Beushausen (graduate mechanical engineer) and Thomas Reichel (graduate electrical engineer, graduate industrial engineer) have been active in the area of the capital goods for the bakery industry for over 20 years. Both can go back to extensive experiences by their innumerable, worldwide activities in all sorts of industrial concerns. Your company can also gain from these inestimable experiences.

To Andrew Beushausens know how belongs besides the extensive engineering technology his knoledge in the industry-specific process technology.

Thomas Reichel knows all concepts to control complex topologies for large systems as well as for machines and ovens. All planning is included, beginning with the product requirements document up to acceptance of the production.

Due to the professionally valuable experiences of both managers and because of their commitment your projects and orders can realistically and reliably be solved.



The bakery industry is to be supported by services, which have rarely been used till now in their modern form. Beta Bakery Engineering started with the intention to offer competence to the customer which leads also to dropping costs in all functions.

In this way, Beta Bakery Engineering makes an outstanding contribution, that for the customers best products are produced with best products (systems, lines, ovens and machines). The optimal scheduling about the means of production and the maintenance and service intervals which are adjusted planned by a technical claim to the functions are included. Naturally, the Beta Bakery Engineering pretends to the economic success of its own. It guarantees your customers sparing costs, that exceed the investment many times over.

Topmost premise is by the high commitment of the employees of Beta Bakery Engineering to provide the customers reliable production lines.



The Beta Bakery Engineering is an efficient but small company. The advantage for their customers is derived from the fact that there is only one contact person for all interests. Beginning with the order processing, continuing with the assembly and ending with a  production-capable line this contact person is always at your disposal. He knows all processes of an order.

With a consistent after-sales service the managers guarantee the full support after the putting into operation. Their customers get the managers' absolute competence for all projects concerning the bakery technology. This allows the customers to emphasize their own competence in their service sectors

The managers' binding commitment is next to the timely delivery their high standards for the quality of the used technology. Quick and flexible assembly times allow an additional valuable production time.