Full automatic bread line (Round and long bread)

Full automatic bread line (Round and long bread)

Bread line for 2 kinds of bread (Round- and long bread),
Processing,  Final proofer, Mesh belt oven and conveying belt system
Type: Full automatic bread line

The line produces fully automatically up to 4000 rye mixed or wheat mixed breads per hour. Due to the machines put on in the processing, a great variance of different products can be manufactured.

Various strewing units with different seed, a stamp station with individual stamp possibilities ensure this product variety.

The line is manufactured by high-grade steel in all essential parts.

The working width of the mesh belt oven is 3750 mm. The oven is 36 meter long and has two controlled burners with altogether 7 different heating zones.

Line consisting of:

 1     Divider

 2     Rounder I ALLROUND 3B

 3     Rounder II ALLROUND 3B

 4     Long moulder I LR 400-1200

 4.1  Seeds unit

 4.2  Seeds return

 4.3  Stamp unit I

 4.4  Stamp unit II

 5     Long moulder II LR 400-1200

 5.1  Seeds unit II

 5.2  Seeds return

 5.3  Stamp unit II

 6     Entry belt I, synclinal, separated in 2 belts

 7     Entry belt II, synclinal, separated in 2 belts

 8     Loading unit I (V-belt) for long and round bread

 9     Tray final proofer, full acclimatisation

9.1   Basket knocking station with turn around unit

9.2   Tray brush unit

9.3   Basket flour unit

10    Oven loader with cutting unit

11    Mesh belt oven 3,75 x 36 meters

12    Conveyer belt to cooling system



Capacity of the line:

-   4000 pieces/hour round bread with 400 – 1000 grams weight,
measure of about Ø 180 mm

-   3600 pieces/hour long bread with 500 – 1000 grams weight,
measure of about 270mm x 90mm

Weight range can be adapted!