Single machines

Single machines for bread producing and handling

Products: variable
Capacity: variable
Weight  range: variable
Type: different machines


Beta Bakery Engineering builds all machines, which are necessary for the production of different bread types and the handling.



Dough preparing machines
  • Dough divider
  • Rounder
  • Long moulder
  • Belt rounder
Handling machines
  • Tin filling conveyer as magnetic stop belt
  • Conveyers for dough pieces
  • Conveyers for tins and lids
  • Lidder
  • Oven loader
  • Oven unloader
  • Unlidder, Depanner as go through or converter
  • Conveyer for baked bread
  • Conveyers for tins and lids


Special machines and lines
  • Pre proofer
  • Final proofer
  • Mesh belt ovens, tunnel ovens, stone plate ovens, steel belt ovens
  • Bread cooling systems
  • Lid storage units
  • Tin storage units

If you wish detailed technical information about the separate machines/lines, please don’t hesitate to contact us.