Sandwich and pan bread lines

Sandwich and  pan bread lines

Products: Sandwich, pan bread with/without lid
Specials: Double row long moulder – therefore high capacity with only one machine
Type: fully automatic line

The line produces fully automatically toast/sandwich loafs up to 6000 per hour. Due to a newly developed long moulder there is only one machine necessary. The long moulder works on 2 lanes. The line is manufactured in all essential parts made of high-grade steel. The working width of the line is variable. The list and order of the individual equipments are client-specifically possible.


Line consisting of:

 1     Dough divider

 2     Rounder ALLROUND 3B

 3     Pre proofer or as desired insulated conveyer belt for dough relaxing

 4     Long moulder LRT2 1000

 5     Tin loading belt as magnetic stop belt

 6     Final proofer loading conveyer

 7     Loader for final proofer

 8     Final proofer with acclimatisation

 9     Uploader final proofer

10    Lidder

11    Oven loader

12    Mesh belt oven with/without turbulence

13    Oven uploader

14    Depanner as passing through machine or as converter

15    Bread conveyer to the cooling unit

16    Conveyers for tins and lids

17    Bread cooling line with decks or tower

All conveyers are integrated

Capacity of the line:

-   up to 6000 sandwiches per hour

-   Weight ranges from 300 to 750 grams

-   High capacity because of two-lane long moulder