Fully automatic sandwich cooling line

Fully automatic sandwich cooling line

4 cooling decks, 2 deck loader, 2 entry conveyer, 2 output conveyer, conveyer see-saw
Type: sandwich cooling line

The line cools on 4 decks fully automatically up to 6000 sandwich loafs per hour.
Very smooth run, because the cooling of the loaded decks is during a standstill of the belt.
Gentle treatment of the sandwich loafs by quit processes.

Line consisting of:

1     Conveyer see-saw for separating on 2 loading devices

2     2 loading conveyers with automatic high adjustment

3     2 deck loader with lifting device and separator for definitely position

4     4 cooling decks, width each 4000 mm

5     2 decks unloader with row handover unit and across convever

6     2 conveyers with see-saw to go one conveyer

Capacity of the line:

-   6.000 pieces/hour sandwich

-   4 cooling decks, length each 25 m

-   Loading unit with separation station

-   Unloading station for serially organized unloading of sandwiches