Net belt- and tunnel ovens

Net belt- and tunnel ovens

Line for freely baked bread, rolls, tin bread, baking sheet products
Capacity: depends on baking space, individual oven measurements
weight areas: all
Type: NBO

Oven heated indirectly with optional oil or gas burner in different models / qualities up to the fully automatically controlled oven with recipe administration.


The Beta mesh belt and tunnel ovens are available in widths from 1500 mm up to 4500 mm

The ovens are built up modularly and can be delivered in different lengths beginning approx. 15 meters up to more than 60 meters

The baking surface extends over approx. 30 m2 up to more than 200 m2

The ovens are equipped with 1 - 4 burner towers

Components of the line:

  1. Oven loader automatically by the fermentation unit or by hand

  2. Net belt oven, tunnel oven

  3. Unloading unit with belts in different models / qualities