Production lines

We are manufacturers of bakery machines, fermentation units, tunnel stoves, products’ transport lines and machines for the handling. You can obtain via our company everything beginning with single aggregates up to complete production lines. Depending on your requirements we select in cooperation with you the components which are adapted optimally to your application.



Complete lines for bread and cookies

We sell complete breadlines, machines, fermentation units and stoves for the production of sandwich loaf, baguettes, freely pushed bread, regional/national bread types as well as of all cookies that are produced industrially. Besides, we offer you combined breadlines.

The lines are conceptually implemented in a way, that the individual equipments are optimally complemented and coordinated with each other. The production lines stand out due to high capacity and availability.

Our lines are constructed according to the high hygiene standards of HACCP, so that the cleaning and maintenance can also be implemented reasonably and timesavingly.

Controls are inserted to the latest level of the technological development. Here, we appreciate special importance to operator convenience of the lines. Intuitive and easily comprehensible, often self-explanatory using masks, honour the interface to the operator of the line. Big touchscreens cater permanently for the necessary overview at the breadline.